Memorial United Methodist Church
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
God's Love Grows Here!

 All are invited !!

Each night,  Monday through Saturday, from 5 to 7 PM, 
during Lent, our sanctuary will be open for people, anyone and everyone, to come for prayer, quiet time and/or communion.
Open to the community!
Forty nights!
The Ash Wednesday service begins our Lenten season on February 26th with the open prayer time beginning the following night, February 27.  Candles will light the sidewalk for you to enter, candles will glow in the windows of the church as well as on the altar.  
Light! Christ came into the world to bring light to us all!
As you enter the narthex through the front door, a church member will greet you and offer you devotional readings which you can read as you sit in the sanctuary.  Your prayer time can be quietly on your own while sitting in the pew or kneeling at the communion railing.  Also prayer ushers will be available in the front of the church to pray with you if you wish.  Communion will be available for those who wish to partake.
As Pastor Russell says, "This is your time with the Lord" .. a time to pray, a time to reflect on God's love for you, a time to be blessed ..
"Your time with the Lord"
If you would like to help or have questions,
contact Marie Milton.

Jeremiah 33:3  Come and Pray, God will be honored, He will hear our prayers, and He will answer !